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New Top Drive Drilling Machine

George Yang is a highly experienced professional in the field of borehole drilling machine manufacturing, with over a decade of hands-on expertise. Throughout his career, George has specialized in various drilling rig types, encompassing well drilling rigs, geothermal drilling rigs, DTH drilling rigs, and crawler drilling rigs.

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At present, there are two outstanding problems in the drilling method of rotary table drill pipe commonly used in oil fields, which have not been effectively solved so far: one is the sticking of the drill pipe; the other is the labor-intensive, time-consuming, low-efficiency, and labor-intensive single-pipe connection problem.

Coupled with the arduous and heavy drilling labor, heavy drilling rig operation and other problems, the realization of drilling rig automation has become the long-term wish of several generations of drilling workers. For this reason, a kind of novel drilling equipment-top drive drilling device turned out.

1. Structure of Top Drive Drilling Machine

The top drive drilling device is a drilling system that is being popularized and applied. It can directly rotate the drill string from the upper part of the derrick space, and send it down the well along the special guide rail in the derrick to complete the rotary drilling of the drill string, circulate the drilling fluid, and connect the stand. Various drilling operations such as make-up and break-out and downturning. The top drive drilling rig is mainly composed of three parts.

Faucet – Drilling Motor Assembly

It is the main part of the top drive drilling machine and consists of a faucet, a motor and a gear reducer. The rated load of the drilling swivel is 6500 kN. The main shaft is driven vertically by a series (or parallel) DC motor. The upper end of the shaft is equipped with a pneumatic brake. A torque of 47.5 kN·m is generated at 62 MPa, and the motor is quickly braked, so the pneumatic brake is used to stop the rotary motion of the drilling tool. The pinion gear on the lower extension shaft head of the motor meshes with the big gear on the main shaft, and the drill string is connected under the main shaft, with a maximum speed of 430 r/ min.

Guide Block Assembly

The guide block is similar to the block structure used on offshore drilling rigs. It is composed of two parts: the welded frame of the guide block and the motor bracket.

Drill Pipe Make-Up and Break-Out Device

The drill pipe make-up and break-out device provides the top drive drilling machine with the ability to place a 28-meter-long vertical rod and use a motor to make and break the vertical rod. It is composed of torque wrench, inner blowout preventer and starter, ring coupling and torque limiter, ring tilting device, and swivel head. The drill pipe make-up and break-out device has a rotational torque of 84 kN m.

When drilling, the drill-pipe make-up and break-out device is fixed and does not hinder the lifting of the drill string. The drilling motor transmits torque through the main shaft, internal blowout preventer and protective joint It is transmitted to the drill string to drive the rotation of the drill string.

When the drill pipe elevator is used to trip and go, the lifting ring coupling transfers the lifting load to the main shaft. Both the liquid circuit and the gas circuit make the elevator rotate freely through the rotating head, and the automatic reset mechanism resets the freely rotating elevator.

2. Advantages of Top Drive Drilling Machines

  • Save time for receiving orders;
  • Inverted eye to prevent stuck drill;
  • Save directional drilling time;
  • Reduce the degree of danger in the operator’s work and ensure the safety of the operator’s life;
  • Due to the use of the motor to rotate the buckle, the buckle is stable, avoiding excessive or insufficient torque of the equipment, and prolonging the service life of the equipment;
  • It can continuously drill 28m to take coring, without connecting a single one in the middle;
  • Easy maintenance.
Advantages of Top Drive Drilling Machines Description Details
Save time for receiving orders Orders are processed more quickly due to the efficient operation of the top drive drilling machine. Automation streamlines order processing, reducing wait times.
Inverted eye to prevent stuck drill The inverted eye design helps prevent the drill from getting stuck during the drilling process. Specialized design prevents debris accumulation and drill blockages.
Save directional drilling time Top drive drilling machines facilitate faster directional drilling, reducing the overall drilling time. Enhanced control allows quicker adjustment of drilling direction.
Enhanced operator safety Operator safety is improved due to reduced manual involvement and better control over the drilling process. Operators have less direct contact with drilling machinery, minimizing risks.
Stable motor-driven buckle The motor-driven buckle ensures stable torque, preventing equipment damage and extending its service life. Consistent torque prevents wear and tear, leading to longer equipment lifespan.
Continuous 28m drilling capability The machine can drill continuously for up to 28 meters without the need for mid-process connections. Longer drilling intervals increase efficiency and reduce downtime.
Easy maintenance Top drive drilling machines are designed for easy maintenance, reducing downtime and operational disruptions. Accessible components and straightforward maintenance procedures simplify upkeep.

3. Summary

The top drilling device is the cutting-edge technology and equipment in today’s oil drilling. It saves drilling time by 20% to 25%, and can prevent pipe sticking accidents, especially the remarkable economic effect brought by drilling deviated wells and difficult directional wells. Indicating that it will become an important direction for the development of drilling machinery in the 21st century.

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