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Welcome to Drillrigy, a distinguished manufacturer of superior crawler drilling machinery from China, we are dedicated to bringing ground-breaking, durable and efficient solutions to the global drilling industry. Our crawler drilling machines embody state-of-the-art technology, yielding unparalleled performance with robust design and precision, aimed at enhancing your drilling project’s efficiency and reliability.

Our distinct edge is the fusion of advanced tech and traditional craftsmanship, guaranteeing machines of unmatched caliber and longevity. As someone who firmly believes in quality over quantity, I assure you that every Drillrigy machine is crafted to epitomize this belief.

We are more than just manufacturers; we are your partners in success, delivering excellence through every drill stroke. Discover the Drillrigy difference today.

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Application of Crawler Drilling Machine

Industry Application

Crawler drilling machines find their applications across a wide array of industries, examples are in construction, mining, and hydropower sectors. Drillrigy manufactures crawler drilling machines offering mobility across varied terrains. These drilling machines perform critical tasks such as drilling holes of different sizes in a variety of materials, drilling through both soft and hard surfaces.

Drilling Purpose

Employed extensively for excavating tunnels, whether for hydropower or railroad projects, these machines have carved a niche for themselves in these areas. A mention-worthy example of their versatility is the implementation of a new drilling method for oil extraction known as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), which can only be executed by crawler drilling equipment, highlighting their indispensability.

Geological Conditions

Crawler drilling machines are adept at handling a wide range of geological conditions, from loose grounds to unlevel areas. Their stability, ensured by the surface area of their tracks, allows them to operate even in demanding terrains, making them a preferred choice for ground-based operations in varied geologies. These robust machines demonstrate remarkable resilience even in my own experience.

Types of Crawler Drilling Machine

Hydraulic crawler drilling machines, powered by hydraulic systems, facilitate easy navigation across different terrains, thereby ensuring effective drilling operations. These machines, like those manufactured by Drillrigy, are renowned for their accuracy and speed, essential for a multitude of construction and mining applications.
Pneumatic crawler drilling machines use compressed air as their source of power, providing a cost-effective solution for drilling operations. These machines stand out for their durability, adaptability, and minimal maintenance requirements. Despite being slower than hydraulic machines, they are suitable for many industry applications due to their cost-effectiveness.
The usage of this machinery is predominantly seen in the tunneling engineering of roadways, tunnels, and culverts in various departments such as metallurgy, metal mines, coal mines, and hydropower, railways, and highways. The machinery adopts hydraulic transmission, automatic dust removal, automatic coil cable, and crawler-type walking.

5 Considerations When Buying a Crawler Drilling Machine

A recent report by Data Intelo showed that the global crawler drill rig market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2022 to 2030. With the avid growth of crawler drilling machines on the market, selecting these machines, there are several key factors to consider. Below are the ff:

#1 Application

The primary consideration for purchasing a crawler drilling machine is its intended application. The machine’s specifications should align with the demands of the task it will primarily be used for. The knowledge of the industry allows the selection of a machine that will deliver the required results.

#2 Terrain Type

Crawler drilling machines are typically chosen when the terrain is uneven or consists of loose ground. The type of terrain significantly influences the selection of the drilling machine, as different types of rigs, such as those produced by Drillrigy, are better suited to different terrains.

#3 Safety and Reliability

A reliable machine that is used as per the manufacturer’s recommendations increases user safety. According to DataMyte, this includes inspection such as examining the drilling rig’s structural and mechanical integrity, as well as its drilling components. Inspecting the rig thoroughly before purchase, ensuring it meets all quality standards.

#4 Mobility Requirements

The type of mobility required is a determining factor in the choice of machine. Crawler drilling rigs are autonomous and do not require additional power sources, unlike truck-mounted or trailer-mounted drilling rigs. Adaptability is key in the drilling industry, where conditions and needs constantly evolve.

#5 Size and Depth Requirements

The size and depth of the borehole also influence the selection of a drilling rig. The diameter and depth requirements are determined by the nature of the work, and the machine chosen should have the capability to meet these requirements. Understanding the specifications required for each project contributes to the effective use of machinery.

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Customer Case

Mr. Johnson Mining Operations Director

We were in a fix with our drilling operations before we partnered with Drillrigy. Their truck-mounted drill rig was the exact solution we needed. It not only enhanced our drilling productivity but also increased our profitability. The efficiency and reliability of Drillrigy’s solutions are truly commendable. I would highly recommend their services to any company in need of advanced drilling solutions.

Ms. Kim Farm Business Owner

As the owner of a large farm business, finding a solution to our water supply issue was crucial. When we approached Drillrigy, they listened to our needs, understood our challenges, and delivered exactly what we required. Their drilling rigs are top-notch, and the results were impressive. We managed to increase our water supply by 50%, cut down costs, and keep our crops on schedule. Drillrigy truly helped us transform our business.

Ms. Smith Operations Director

We are incredibly pleased with the comprehensive drilling solutions provided by Drillrigy. Their water well drilling rig, crawler drilling machine, and geothermal drilling rig proved instrumental in helping us successfully complete our sustainable energy project. Not only did they meet our requirements, but they also established a long-term partnership through their expertise in delivering versatile drilling solutions. We highly recommend Drillrigy for any drilling equipment and services needs.

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