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Dig Deeper, Drill Smarter: Top Borehole Drilling Machine Manufacturer Since 1998

Experience the Future of Borehole Drilling with Drillrigy. With our unwavering commitment to delivering unrivaled quality and performance since 1998, we empower you to dig deeper and drill smarter. Explore our exceptional range of drilling solutions and unlock new levels of efficiency and success for your projects.


Versatility Meets Precision

Drillrigy offers a diverse range of borehole drilling machines, adaptable to your unique project needs. Choose the right product for your purpose and experience superior performance and efficiency with Drillrigy.

Drilling Dreams to Reality

Embark on a remarkable journey with Drillrigy, a trusted name in borehole drilling machine manufacturing. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we take pride in catering to the diverse needs of our customers. From water wells to geotechnical exploration and environmental monitoring, our wide range of drilling equipment is designed to bring your unique ideas to life. With a commitment to excellence, we strive to deliver the perfect drilling solutions that transform your visions into tangible boreholes. Join us on this exploration of innovation and discover how Drillrigy can be your partner in achieving drilling success.

Noteworthy Numbers and Achievements

Drillrigy stands as a pioneer in the borehole drilling industry, relentlessly crafting state-of-the-art machines for diverse project demands. Our vision lies in bridging innovation with practicality, creating drilling solutions that excel in performance and reliability. Through our dedication to professionalism and effectiveness, we continue to transform drilling landscapes, setting new standards and achieving milestones.
25+ Years of Experience
80+ Technology Patent
100+ Exporting Countries
30000+ ㎡ of Manufacturing Areas

Choosing Us, Choosing Excellence

Quality Assurance At Drillrigy, quality isn't just a promise—it's a principle we stand by. Every piece of our drilling equipment undergoes rigorous testing and quality checks, ensuring they meet the highest industry standards for durability and reliability. We commit to providing machinery that can withstand diverse geological conditions and strenuous project demands. By choosing Drillrigy, you are choosing a steadfast partner committed to delivering uncompromising quality.
Expert Support Our team of seasoned professionals at Drillrigy is always ready to lend their expertise. We offer comprehensive assistance, from helping you choose the right drilling machine to providing technical guidance during your project execution. We understand that every project is unique, and we are committed to supporting your individual needs at every step. With Drillrigy, you're never alone on your project journey; our expert support is just a call away.
Innovative Design Innovation is a cornerstone at Drillrigy. We integrate the latest advancements in drilling technology into our designs, ensuring our machines can tackle any challenge your project throws at them. Our innovative designs make your projects more efficient and effective, regardless of their complexity or size. With Drillrigy, you don't just meet industry standards—you set them.
Cost-Effective Solutions At Drillrigy, we believe quality and affordability should go hand-in-hand. Our drilling machines offer top-tier performance at competitive pricing, making them the ideal choice for projects of any budget. With Drillrigy, you're not just investing in a machine, but in a cost-effective solution that optimizes your operations and maximizes your return on investment.
Robust After-Sales Service Our commitment to you extends beyond the purchase. We offer robust after-sales services, providing timely maintenance and swift troubleshooting to ensure your Drillrigy equipment maintains peak efficiency. With a dedicated team always ready to assist, you can rely on us to support you long after your initial purchase. Choose Drillrigy and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your equipment is cared for by experts.

Our Certification

At Drillrigy, we take great pride in our commitment to delivering the highest quality drilling machines. These certifications showcase our emphasis on quality assurance, ensuring that our products meet or exceed the stringent requirements set forth by regulatory bodies.

Customer Case

Mr. Johnson Mining Operations Director

We were in a fix with our drilling operations before we partnered with Drillrigy. Their truck-mounted drill rig was the exact solution we needed. It not only enhanced our drilling productivity but also increased our profitability. The efficiency and reliability of Drillrigy’s solutions are truly commendable. I would highly recommend their services to any company in need of advanced drilling solutions.

Ms. Kim Farm Business Owner

As the owner of a large farm business, finding a solution to our water supply issue was crucial. When we approached Drillrigy, they listened to our needs, understood our challenges, and delivered exactly what we required. Their drilling rigs are top-notch, and the results were impressive. We managed to increase our water supply by 50%, cut down costs, and keep our crops on schedule. Drillrigy truly helped us transform our business.

Ms. Smith Operations Director

We are incredibly pleased with the comprehensive drilling solutions provided by Drillrigy. Their water well drilling rig, crawler drilling machine, and geothermal drilling rig proved instrumental in helping us successfully complete our sustainable energy project. Not only did they meet our requirements, but they also established a long-term partnership through their expertise in delivering versatile drilling solutions. We highly recommend Drillrigy for any drilling equipment and services needs.


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